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Running a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast is a big job with many components that work together to ensure guest satisfaction. When your guests visit your website, it’s important that they have all of the information they need to make an informed decision before they make a reservation. Whether your lodgings are romantic, family- or pet-friendly, or all-inclusive, it’s very important that potential guests are able to check out photos of your property and amenities before they book their stay. Check out these hotel website templates we love to find inspiration and to get a pre-designed template that will save you some design time when creating a hotel website. Bed & Breakfast

Convey the luxurious atmosphere of your dwelling with a clean and modern website. You can easily upload gorgeous images of your accommodations in minutes, and with a site that is custom tailored to fit your needs, visitors can easily find out more about your facilities, amenities, rates, and more. Get online today and start managing reservations and bookings with Wix Hotels. Luxury Camping

A chic website template ready to attract a glamorous crowd. With its natural, outdoor images and overall rustic feel, this is a great website template for any stylish outdoor rentals, including outdoor cabins, upscale campsites, and caravan parks. Easy to customize, simply add your own images and personalize the text to reflect your business. Start editing now and watch as your accommodation gets booked up! Modern Hotel

With a fullscreen slideshow gallery situated on the homepage, this is the perfect website template for any proud hoteliers to impress and entice their guests. Simply customize the galleries by adding striking images of your hotel and the services you offer and personalize the text to suit the style of the hotel. Manage your reservations using the Wix booking App and watch as your hotel rooms get booked up! Laguna Resort

We love this template from for its calming, soothing colors and its accessible layout of pertinent information. Using this template, your potential guests won’t have to search for your different types of rooms or their amenities; it’s all very nicely laid out with thumbnail images. The shades of blue used in this template are soft, inviting the guest to relax and check into one of your lovely spaces. Luxury Urban Hotel

This is a very ornate and sophisticated template, perfect for an opulent hotel. We love this hotel website template because it makes great use of the homepage space. By offering a ton of space to highlight different aspects of your facilities, including pools, restaurants, and the location, you have the opportunity to showcase your uniqueness and luxury. This is also a very guest-friendly template, with the same easy access and booking opportunities as the previous template. Bayside Inn

When creating a hotel website, don’t be afraid to add a little whimsy. This website template does a lovely job at helping your guests to relax, even before they book, and the booking mechanism is effortless and easily accessible. We love the eclectic fonts used to create that whimsy and uniqueness; that’s a hard thing to do well, and this really pulls it all together beautifully. Mountain Hotel Template

This template is as crisp and clean as the mountain air. We love the space created for the innkeepers or staff to be featured. This is a nice way for smaller businesses to highlight the difference between them and big hotel chains. Put a face with the place and you might be surprised at how many guests look forward to interacting with a real host instead of an automated over-the-phone booking service. Luxury Pool

Highlight your beautiful rooms and amenities with this hotel website template. The carousel of images and the image gallery featured on the homepage create abundant opportunity to showcase your accommodations. Transport your guests to a place of luxury and entice them to book their stay. If we could change any one thing about this template, though, it would be the ease of booking; it’s a very image-heavy design, but there is a noticeable lack of the booking function a guest would expect to see, so a level of tweaking might be necessary. Hotel Getaway has many beautiful hotel website templates, but this one really stands out to us for its ratio of text to images. Its use of larger images with a text overlay is a great way to entice potential guests to enjoy your spaces and amenities. Additional areas of text are also available on the homepage to offer greater detail with minimal effort on the part of the guest. High Style

Vacation rentals, along with hotels, are popular options for guests booking longer stays. Invite your guests to stay a while and experience your city and surrounding areas with this template that not only features your property but the attractions around it as well. We love the map on the homepage that allows you to showcase your prime location. Gondola

This is a beautiful hotel website template and perfect for a hotel that is surrounded by a really spectacular cityscape. Your unique setting could be a huge selling point. After all, it’s all about location, location, location! When creating a hotel website, let this work to your advantage with imagery. Big, bold, and beautiful images could be just what your guest wants to see and could entice them to experience those places for themselves.

Sitey: Retro Pastels

This is another very clean template with soft, calming colors that your potential guests will find soothing. What we love most about this website is the layout of its Rooms page. This template makes it incredibly easy for potential guests to compare the different accommodations you offer without bouncing around from page to page to collect the information they need to make their booking decisions. There is text space allotted to providing the “must-know” details that will most influence the guest’s booking decision.

Squarespace: Artesia

The Artesia hotel website template is clean and comfortable, just as your lodgings should be. We love that the navigation acts as a concierge for your guests to learn more about your hotel and the surrounding area. We also like the events tab, in which you could list any happenings at or around your property, including live music, conferences, and more. Doing this will help your guests to remain engaged and entertained during their stay; it invites them to not just book a room but to become part of the community, if only briefly.