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Make your fans laugh, cry, dance, and download with an engaging music website template that fits your unique vibe. Music transcends dividing forces and brings together millions, but in order to impact the widest audience, it’s important that you and your music website stand up and make some noise!

A critical part of creating a music website is finding versatile music website templates that allow you to be as creative with your website as you are with your music. To capture the imagination of your audience and make the most of every visitor to your site, find music website templates that allow you to show off the strength of your music. With these great music-themed website templates, you can create a website that moves your fans as much as your music does. – EPK

This music website template by Wix is very comprehensive and easily accessible for your fans. Set up as an electronic press kit (EPK), this music website template puts your visitors in the front row, while tracks and downloads take center stage. This versatile grayscale template brings in the atmosphere of a late night music venue, which appeals to your fans and music venues that might be interested in booking shows. – Rock One Pager

This Rock one page template offers something a little different: movement. Just as your music can move fans, the moving graphic in this template can move visitors to connect with your band’s website. With playable tracks, you’ll be able to engage and entertain all at the same time. A space for your music or performance video precedes tour information, so that new fans can get a better feel for your music before buying their tickets. – Singer

If you are looking for a bold template, then you have found it with Webnode’s Singer template. The navigation bar is secondary, placed discretely in the upper-right corner, leaving the entire screen open for one strong, poignant image. Stop visitors in their tracks with the right picture, then let them scroll down to learn more about your latest album, new releases, and music. This template helps you to make a bold statement and lets the confidence you have in your music come across to your audience.

Webnode Singer Template | – Eliza Hamilton

This template does a great job of building up your brand as a performer. Different from some of the other template we’ve looked at, it brings a greater focus to the artist on a personal level by making social media information accessible and creating space for you to share more of your story as an artist.

Weebly Music Template | – DJ Mix

Cool and a little funky, we love this DJ Mix template for its unabashed use of moonlight purple and contrasting colors in design and text, and for its use of video. While other templates stick to audio tracks, this template plays up the use of video as the main music medium. This makes it a great choice for both DJs and energetic performers who put on a visually impactful show.

DJ Mix Template | – DJ Music

Ok, so first let’s address the elephant in the room; or, in this case, in the template. We’re not entirely sure why he’s there, but aside from that: awesome! This is a dynamic, stimulating DJ template that will really get the party started.  With moving parts above and below the fold, there’s something to keep visitors engaged as they find your information on your DJ services or upcoming gigs.

WebsiteBuilder Elephant DJ Template | – Rio de Janeiro Ipanema

The simple layout of this template is mobile-friendly; which can really help you connect with your on-the-go audience. Any musician knows that reaching people on their digital devices is a very powerful way to engage fans. We love the layed back, warm tones of both the images and text, and the minimal navigation gets right to the point; to the music.

Jimdo Rio Music Template | – Heavy Metal

This template speaks for itself, and it speaks loudly. If your fans like it loud, then this template will definitely get your point across. The margin images are striking and would complement an image of your next live guitar solo. The black background helps to further maximize these impactful images. The placement of the navigation is simple and easy to follow and further customize. Heavy Metal Template | – Play That Funky Music

Like a good pop song, this template is loud and really pops! We love that the colorful borders between sections move in conjunction with your mouse’s scrolling wheel, and so do the backgrounds on some of the pages. There’s room for a lot of text, but it doesn’t look cluttered. If you are a party band or a DJ, then this template is ideal. It will grab people with its colors, and the way the template functions is pure pop fun.

Sitey Funky Music Template | – Adversary

We love how image heavy this music template is. It gives you so many opportunities to showcase your performances! The playable music section feature album covers and a SoundCloud waveform that follows along as the track plays. Fans can even leave comments on the track that display at specific points. And if that isn’t visually stimulating enough, there’s space for a video and a gallery in the Media section.