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Building a personal website is the perfect way to introduce yourself to potential employers and showcase your marketable skills and experience. These templates are great platforms on which to convey all of that very important information to the decision-makers you’re interested in impressing. Whether you’re looking for a template that pops, a look to compliment your commercial artwork, or a template that relies more on text to highlight your background and experience, we’ve got some great options to inspire you and inspire potential employers to invest in you. Business CV

A professional curriculum vitae (CV) is the best way to showcase your marketable skills and expertise. We love this professional yet personal website template for its inclusiveness. The visitor has all of your credentials up front and can quickly assess whether or not you’d be a good fit, then contact you without ever leaving your website. Graphic Design Portfolio

When creating a personal website, it’s important that it reflects you and your work appropriately. This is one of the many personal website templates from that allow you to display your skills and examples of your works in a unique but still professional way. We love that the homepage gallery leads the visitor to more detailed information about each work. It’s very easy to click around. Brooke

We love that this template really lets you showcase your best asset: yourself. With a delightfully personal introduction accompanied by your image of choice, your visitors will be welcomed and drawn in to learn more about you and what you have to offer. That’s when you hit them with your professional credits in the “Featured In” section. This template also has a really good balance of text, imagery, and white space. Family Website

While most personal website templates look professional and slightly cool, we love this website design for how personal it allows you to be, especially if you are using this as a platform through which you can stay connected as a family. This is a simple template that allows you to share what’s important to you in a very straightforward way. After all, you’ve got stuff to do, a family to wrangle, and a business to run; you might not have time for all of the bells and whistles. Professional Curriculum Vitae

This is a little different from other CV website designs we’ve seen recently; this one reads a little more like a standard résumé, which is perfect if you’re breaking into an industry that is less academic. It’s very easy to follow and offers you the opportunity to answer all of your visitor’s questions up front, with the understanding that their time is valuable and you welcome the challenges that they may present you with. It’s also a little bit more bright and cheerful as far as résumé websites go and offers additional space for images farther down on the page. Shanghai Xuhui

Creating a personal website that is mobile-friendly is easy with this template from It’s simple and easily accessible on different devices, perfect for hiring professionals who need to review your work and professional information quickly on the go. Make it easy for those decision-makers to conclude that you are the right person for the job. Helsinki

This is a very simple and sleek template. We love this one for its versatility; it’s up to you what you make of this template with the inclusion of your own images and information. Its vector graphics break up the design nicely and won’t detract or distract from your visitor’s experience. Portfolio Showcase

This personal website template is so interesting to us, and we love it! The “about” page that it offers is unique and allows for a visual showcase of your skill set. A unique setup like this will help to show potential employers that you think outside the box; maybe you are a visual learner or you like to present solutions to an old problem in a new and innovative way. Actress and Model

We love how professional this website template is. It’s also very well-connected through social media buttons on the homepage. Think about it: Your potential employer is going to Google you and look you up on Facebook and LinkedIn anyway, so why not make it easier for them? Proving yourself to be open and accessible is important in many industries. The brief “About Me” section is also a very nice way to put your best face forward. York

York is one of the more minimalistic personal website templates available. Its use of white space reinforces the visitor’s reason for being on the site: to observe, critique, and draw their own conclusions regarding your work. The discrete navigation setup does its best not to detract from your featured works. The contact form is also minimal, allowing for easy outreach and leaving the offline follow-up to you and the interested party.