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Photography website templates are designed not to showcase just a product or service but to showcase you as a professional and the style of photography you specialize in. Whether you focus on traditional portraits, child and family photos, or even animal and pet photography, photography website templates can help display your work and your professional photography business in the best possible light.

When creating a photography website, let each and every photo speak for itself with a complementary design. Finding the right photography website template will help you to create a picture-perfect site worthy of your photographs and will inspire potential clients to take advantage of the unique perspective you and your style of photography offer. Of course, beauty and good design are often in the eyes of the beholder, so to get you started, we’ve collected some photography website templates we love. Baby Love

We fell in love with this adorable photography website template for its playful fonts and calming color scheme. Its childlike illustrations are whimsical and fun. But really, what makes this template a favorite of ours is its carousel. Using this carousel on the homepage, you have the opportunity to show off more of your work without bombarding the visitor. The smaller scrolling images underneath are also a nice touch. Photo Studio

We love the functionality of the Photo Studio template. It makes it very easy for your clients to review the photography packages you offer on a single page; comparing key points like this might help waffling clients be more apt to order, as they have a clearer idea of what the options are and can more easily decide which is right for them. The simple online booking function is really nice and clearly designed. Wedding Photographer Template

The grid design of the Wedding Photographer template offers a ton of opportunity to showcase your best work, and the movement of each image as it’s moused over makes them pop. With minimal navigation, your work stands out and speaks clearly of your talents. The template’s pop of color in the text is pleasing and fun, brightening up the template just a little more. Acquire

At first, we loved this photography website template for its giant, unabashed photo right at the top of the homepage. Then, we kept scrolling and found that there’s a lot to love. Its homepage has space for multiple examples of your work, but what’s even more interesting to us is the space created for the photographers themselves; this would be a great template if you’re creating a photography website for a business that employees multiple photographers. The unique homepage offers a Brady Bunch-style space for photographers’ own portraits, and the “about” page allows potential clients to get to know the professional they’re booking with a little better, increasing the comfort level, which is so important for a good photo shoot. Model Photography

Often, photographers let their photos speak for them, but we love this Photo Portfolio template because it has a good balance between text and images. By providing a little more opportunity for text, this template may help you connect with potential clients by sharing your approach to photography as well as some of your best work. Copenhagen’s Copenhagen template is very clean, with a stark white background that really makes your photographs pop. The sans-serif font and the bold black camera shutter give it a modern, industrial feel that potential clients may gravitate toward. As we reviewed different templates, the shutter was a repeatedly used motif, but this particular rendition is one of our favorites. Aperture’s Aperture template has a cool balance of old and new that helps to appeal to all potential clients. The template’s imagery is a nice counter to its more modern elements. We also like that this template has space allocated for hours and directions to your photography studio. This feature is great for photographers who specialize in studio portraits, and will help clients take action and move from the Web to your doorstep. Life Through a Lense

If you’re a photographer who wears many hats, this could be a great template for your photography website. With a more inclusive navigation that allows clients to come into the homepage, then easily navigate to the type of photography they’re looking for, this template has space for a ton of information without overwhelming potential clients. We also love that each subpage off of the main navigation features its own carousel, providing more opportunities to showcase photos that fit within that category. Newborn Photography

This is a lovely template; its palette is light and soft, very fitting for photographers specializing in infant and child photography. Beyond the color palette, we love that this template doesn’t only offer space for photos but videos, too. As many photographers are or partner with videographers, this is a great way to showcase both services. The template’s text-heavy “about” page gives parents the opportunity to better gauge how well you might work with their child’s temperament, an important factor for these types of pictures. Momentum

The Momentum template was designed for photographers and designers. Its compatibility with high-resolution images helps you to showcase your best work without sacrificing quality. Again we see a functional carousel that clients can navigate through before they head deeper into the website to find out more about you and your work. We love that the navigation is at the bottom of the page, rather than the top, because it allows your work to be the focus of the website.