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We love food, we love restaurants, and we love web design. When all of these three passions meet, we are excited to share with you some restaurant website templates that look just delicious! When potential patrons search for a place to grab a bit or have a lovely meal, it’s important to have a website design that makes their mouths water. To help you with your online presentation or plating, if you will, we cannot overemphasize the importance of using good restaurant website templates to showcase your venue and menu, and to catch the eyes of your audience who’s hungry for good food and great presentation. Creating a restaurant website that’s attractive is critical to bringing in more guests and a convenient way to keep your already loyal customers up to date on any specials or new menu items you may have.

The best restaurant website templates are ones that fit the theme of the restaurant. If your restaurant features a calm ambiance, then your website template should give off that same vibe; it’s almost like a preview, a little taste, of the restaurant for the guest before they walk in the door and commit to a meal. The same holds true for any style of restaurant; it should be reflected in the design of your website. There is no doubt about it: Choosing the right restaurant template is an important step in creating a restaurant website that makes potential patrons hungry for your food and atmosphere. – Tapas Restaurant

In hunting around for the perfect restaurant website templates, we noticed that the majority of the templates’ homepages only gave the restaurateur one giant opportunity to showcase their food. We love this Tapas Restaurant template because it offers multiple opportunities to show off menu items or images of the restaurant. The menu is clean and simple, and the online order form for pick-up with its map function is very easy to use. – Burger Corner

This Burger Corner template could not be more perfect for a casual, family-friendly greasy spoon. Its colors are fun and really pop. The font in the header are classic and the exciting graphics help to make this the ideal website design for a dynamic restaurant. We also love that the menu features image opportunities for each menu item. People eat with their eyes; feed them! – Joe’s Coffee Palace

This warm and cozy coffee place template invites visitors to come in and enjoy your atmosphere as much as your food and drink. We think this template finds a really nice balance between images, text, and white space. Clearly sectioned off using images, visitors to your café’s website will be guided to the information that matters most to them: the menu. With a little snippet of the menu and clear navigate to move them deeper into the site, they’ll also find themselves moving through your door! – Urbandine

We love the organization and versatility of the Urbandine template. The placement of the photos and the layout of the text flow well. The fonts and spacing make it easy to read. The whole thing has a very compact without being crowded. Like a good wine and cheese pairing, we love the pairing of the menu snippets and images. If you are looking for something subtle and accessible, this may be the theme for you. – Matis Bakery

We love this simple restaurant template because it allows you to feature diverse menu categories (i.e. pastries, bagles, bread, etc. as shown in the sample) and makes it easy for customers to navigate without reading too much. The organization of the menu page offers customers the ability to find what they’re looking for and works to drive them deeper into the site and towards an order. – Malaga Nerja

The color scheme of this Malaga Nerja template really allows the supporting images to pop. The grayed out background and the pops of color, are exciting and will compliment your restaurant’s images. The contrast of the text helps to draw the eye, allowing the images and design to take center stage and the navigation to fade into the background; still accessible, but not the main focus. – Miami South Beach

This clean and inviting theme perfectly lends itself nicely to whole, healthy cuisine; and, if these words also describe your culinary style, then try this template. We love that the color scheme of this theme is designed to complement the natural colors often associated with whole foods. With multiple opportunities to add in your own pop of natural color, it’s easy to make this template your own showcase of menu items. – Classy

Indeed it is; classy that is. We love the large carousel on this template’s homepage There’s a fine line between not enough images and too many. The carousel feature allows for more opportunities to showcase your food and atmosphere without cluttering up the layout. For restaurant’s this could also be used as an area to feature daily or weekly food and drink specials. – The Steakhouse

With its giant window-like image to greet patrons, this is a template perfect for a restaurant that has invested in its décor, its ambiance, and wants to showcase it. We also love the versatility of its vector graphics. The meat, cutlery, glasses, and serving trays break up the text nicely and are bright enough to guide the eye. The carousel of specials is also a welcome addition to a standard on-site menu. – Aviator

Aviator is a very subtle and mysterious template, perfect for a lounge-style restaurant that wants to leave much to the imagination. We love this template for its lack of color. Its smokiness reminds us of a speakeasy with strong drinks and a mysterious clientele. Its functionality is simple and sparse.