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Borderlinx recently unveiled its ready-made connector for Shopify Plus and Advanced Shopify, which lets retailers use the Shopify platform to assimilate with Go.Borderlinx.

Borderlinx, which is a global shipping solution provider for Internet retailers, knows that consumers’ anticipations have changed and are constantly changing. For that, the company has worked with powerful eCommerce platforms to come up with solutions for online retailers, ensuring that today’s needs meet the demands of tomorrow.

Retailers, in the hope to be the industry leader, often consider expanding into the global markets. Thanks to the integration module from Borderlinx, retailers who use Shopify Plus and Advanced Shopify can offer the easy-to-use comprehensive eCommerce solution.

Borderlinx CGO, said technology is quickly changing the landscape of eCommerce. In the last 10 years alone, brands have become a hit worldwide, but with customs regulations, carrier integration, warehouse models and more, they continue to lag. However, Borderlinx has designed a module that allows retailers to simplify the system and enable them to focus on company needs.

No longer, he said, do company need to focus on the global regulatory changes.

Yves Languepin, CTO of Borderlinx said the company was delighted to have Shopify become a part of its ready-made integration modules. He said the integration allows its customers to grow into the international market easily.

Thanks to its innovative platform scalability, Shopify Plus, and Advanced Shopify users can use Borderlinx to meet their needs.