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A great web presence is an asset for any business. Unfortunately, creating a website isn’t always easy, especially for those in a niche industry. A hotel website, for example, needs features that go above and beyond what standard web builders offer, leaving most platforms frustratingly worthless. makes hotel sites easy, offering a full suite of tools designed specifically for hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast owners. With lodging-specific templates offering everything from booking options to management resources, there are few better free alternatives for creating a website that wows. Here’s why Wix is the perfect place for your hotel website.

Templates for Any Property

A rustic B&B and an urban hotel will have very different aesthetic requirements when it comes to a website, but Wix makes customization simple. Offering an extensive inventory of templates and styles, it’s possible for you to create any look with a few simple clicks. All templates utilize an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to place text boxes, images, and plugins wherever you’d like. With Wix, you have the ability to put a virtual face on your property that’s all your own.

Commission-Free Booking System

In twenty-first century living, few hotel guests are going to call the front desk to reserve a room when online booking is so universal. Without giving site visitors the ability to check availability, shop prices and promos, and book a room hassle-free, you’re seriously damaging your competitive advantage. Luckily, Wix boasts a fast, simple, and commission-free booking system gives site visitors an easy way to book a room with you on any device. You can even feature multiple room sizes, offer promo rates, and set a selection of payment options to make sure your customers have the opportunities they deserve. Wix also offers multilingual capabilities for dozens of languages, making sure your doors are always open for anyone interested.

Once the booking process is complete, customers will receive an automated confirmation email with details of their reservation, including the room booked, directions, and contact information. Site owners can also issue invoices via Wix, giving you all the tools you need to stay in constant contact with current and future hotel guests.

Organize Booking Channels

Booking from a direct website is often easiest, but many lodgers prefer aggregators like Travelocity, Expedia, and TripAdvisor, as well as home-based sites like Airbnb. Listing your property on multiple sites makes it easier for customers to find you while seeking the perfect place to stay, but it can get confusing to keep straight. Wix takes the guesswork out of the equation, giving you tools designed to stay organized across all booking channels, including your own.

TripAdvisor Partnership

As one of the largest reservation and review sites in the country, TripAdvisor is a valuble tool for all hotels, no matter the size. Wix works in conjunction with TripAdvisor, making sure your property is visible and that your TripAdvisor page links back to your personal website. With unique TripAdvisor integration, you can make sure customers browsing reviews and data will always have access to booking directly from your Wix site.

Calendar Management

Knowing how many people booked and when is a valuable metric in analyzing performance, and Wix makes this easy. That’s why Wix offers calendar resources to keep reservations, prices, and durations straight. You’ll always have easy access to suite of analytical tools designed to keep track of who is staying, how long they’ll be on the premises, and how much they spent to be there with you. Calendars can be imported from Airbnb, Google, and Homeaway, providing you with a perfect portal for keeping an eye on everything.

Optimized for Mobile

Making yourself noticeable is a big part of attracting business. Luckily, Wix works to keep your site visible on any platform, giving you a sophisticated page that’s always available. Some mobile sites lose functionality in the transition between desktop and mobile, but hotel owners can rest easy knowing that Wix sites look great across every device. Customers can view your page in full, browse menus, and even complete bookings, right from their mobile devices. No matter how lodgers decide to search for you, Wix will keep your web presence right at their fingertips.

ShoutOut Email Marketing

Staying in touch is a big part of keeping happy customers coming back for more. Email and social media marketing can seem overwhelming if you’re not experienced in the industry, but Wix’s unique ShoutOut feature takes away the guesswork. ShoutOut, a custom email builder, allows you to create beautiful marketing materials with social media sharing options in a matter of minutes. This lets you keep in touch by sending prior visitors discount offers, deals, and details, as well as the latest news and developments on your property. With ShoutOut, your customers will never forget your name.

SEO Tools

What’s the point of a great website if no one can find you? Even if you’re not an SEO master, Wix provides an extensive range of tools that makes it easy to put your site front and center on all the major search engines. By ensuring your site is optimized for both desktop and mobile traffic, you can make sure your site will be at the top of the list when a potential visitor searches for your name.


Not all website builders are made equal, especially when it comes to niche industries in need of unique functions. If you own a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental, your own breathtaking site is exactly what you need to showcase your property and all it has to offer. Wix makes hotel sites easy, offering amazing free tools that help customers book and assist you in managing your business. From multilingual reservations to SEO tools to help you succeed, Wix’s free platform is exactly what your business needs.