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As a musician, showcasing what you can do is a big part of building a name for yourself, landing gigs, and showing your talent to the world. Nowadays, in order to draw attention to your talents and techniques, a strong web presence is a must. This goes beyond simply social media, of course; in order to truly succeed, you need your own music website. Some musicians think any old blog or basic page is enough, but that’s not actually the case. A platform geared at musicians is the best way to highlight your potential, and not all free web clients can make that happen.


Luckily, some site builders know just how important marketing is to musicians, and provide a wide range of tools designed specifically for people like you. Here’s why Wix is a great choice for building a professional-caliber page to boost your career.


Free Functionality


Why pay when you don’t have to? Wix is a free platform for site building, giving you a way to put your name out there without an investment. Many musicians just starting out aren’t able to make much money through their craft, so a free option is a must. Wix does offer premium plans for customers seeking more storage and other upgrades, but it’s not necessary; the free features are perfect for most musicians.


Music-Oriented Templates


Most website builders offer templates to use, but these can be a challenge for many musicians as sites are often geared toward the features standard businesses require. As a result, many musicians are forced to settle with imperfect setups that detract from their end goals. Wix has specific templates for musicians, however, giving you an easy way to build a website with your unique needs in mind. All templates are fully customizable as well, letting you tweak your site when necessary to achieve the look you want.

Feature Albums

Musician-specific sites allow you to feature your work front and center, ensuring everyone who finds your page will know what you’re about. This allows site visitors to listen to song samples, see album artwork, read lyrics, and more. By featuring your albums on your website, you’ll be able to draw attention to your work while providing an interactive experience for soon-to-be fans who find you online.

Commission-Free Downloads

Tired of paying fees for downloads? With Wix, you don’t have to. When you feature albums on your site, you can also make your music available for free or purchase without any commissions charges, giving visitors an easy way to see what you’re all about without anyoe taking a cut of your hard-earned profits. You can also offer song and album downloads, giving customers multiple ways to explore your music.

Stats Tracking

Managing your listeners can provide a lot of valuable insight into your success as a musician, showing you what kind of songs your fans prefer most and helping you make executive decisions regarding recording, song writing, and performances. With Wix’s built in tracking tools, you can see how many listeners you have, which songs and albums are the most popular, and how many people make purchases through your page.

Easy Distribution

When you want to truly put your music in your listeners’ hands, distributing across the major music channels, like iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify is a great way to profit from your talent while increasing your exposure in the music industry. With the Wix dashboard, you can manage distribution across all of these stores and streaming services in additions to dozens of others, ensuring any potential fan will be able to find you.

Social Media Integration

Release a new album or add new songs to your website? Wix makes it easy to spread the word with social media integration options. Share developments with a few simple clicks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to make sure no one misses a beat when you have updates. You can even provide links to your distribution channels, making sure all of your listeners know how to download your material.


Making announcements via email is easy with Wix’s ShoutOut functionality. Allowing you to create custom emails using site content, you can assemble and distribute messages directly to your listserve with a few simple steps. Even if your fans don’t all have social media pages, you’ll still be able to stay in touch with new releases, songs, and concert schedules via fast, creative digital marketing.

Sell Your Merch

When you want your fans to rock your tees and hats, the Wix ecommerce platform is perfect for selling merchandise directly to your fans. List everything you have for sale, post SEO-enhancing product descriptions, set your own prices, and more. Best of all, merchandise sales, like music sales, are commission-free, allowing you to profit from your work without paying a portion to a third party.

Manage Your Career

With the Wix musician tools, you can manage your entire music career in one easy location. From selling songs and merchandise to promoting tours and selling tickets through Songkick or Bandsintown, you can keep an eye on everything you need to be successful. Offering analytics for shares, streams, and downloads, sales options, fan base management, and so much more, your customizable dashboard will help fulfill your full potential.


Creating a music website is fast, easy, and affordable with Wix, giving you everything you need to promote your music, build your web presence, and make marketing and advertising fast and easy. Best of all, Wix is extremely user-friendly, giving everyone the ability to create a stunning site optimized for desktop and mobile, even without programming experience. From tracking listeners to email marketing, the tools you need will always be at your fingertips. Isn’t it time you showcased your talent for the world to see?