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As a photographer, presentation matters. In a visual-based medium, the impression you provide can make a difference in the clients you attract and the reputation of your brand. A reliable way to present your images to both current and prospective clients can be the difference between a thriving enterprise and anonymity.

In order to preserve your brand and enhance industry visibility, a website is a vital investment. However, not just any website will suffice; in order to build a professional reputation, photographers require specific features geared towards gallery presentation. Free and flexible with nearly unlimited potential, offers a full suite of photography-specific tools and templates to help you create a gorgeous and fully customized online portfolio.

Beautiful Templates

The general look and feel of a website says a lot about a business, especially in a creative area. Rather than forcing new subscribers to start from scratch, Wix provides a wide selection of beautiful templates specific to a photography business. Including specialty features like online booking and high quality image hosting, even web novices can get started quickly and easily.

All Wix templates are customizable using a simple drag and drop functionality, giving you the freedom to guarantee your page matches the aesthetic of your brand. Photographers can insert galleries, apps, and more with just a few simple clicks.

High Quality Images

As a photographer, your images are among your most valuable business assets and deserve to be showcased accordingly. With Wix, it’s easy to put together high resolution galleries of all of your work. Whether you want small thumbnails or large, in depth images, every template can support the ideas you have in mind.

Offering over 40 layout options to display your top images in the size and scale you prefer, there’s no better way to show the world your work. You can even adjust based on spacing, pixel dimensions, resolution, and more to guarantee your pictures are seen exactly as you intend.

Client Booking

Whether you specialize in weddings or favor portraits, making money as a photographer requires attracting and retaining clients. In a world that revolves around digital services and instant response, online booking can make a world of difference in increasing your business.

With Wix online booking, clients can book directly on your website based on your calendar of availability, allowing you to maximize time based on your schedule without lifting a finger. Wix can even give your clients the ability to choose between different packages, prices, and time limits to make sure you are offering the right fit for every need.

Client Portfolios

With digital taking the driver’s seat, the quality of your online client portfolios should be able to match the professional quality of your photos. Rather than resorting to an email attachment or a flash drive, Wix provides the option to assemble stunning client portfolios that can be shared with your clients quickly and easily online. Choose the photos you would like to present, arrange them in the way you want, and send them off with a click of your mouse.

Wix even provides custom security options with password protection, ensuring access to your clients’ photos are theirs and theirs alone. Wix’s gallery features also permit purchasing, giving site visitors the freedom to order prints directly from your website.

Simple SEO and Marketing Tools

How will people be able to hire you if they don’t know you exist? Rather than hoping you get lucky with Google search results, Wix can help you maximize your web presence with SEO and marketing tools.

It’s easy to stay in touch with ShoutOut marketing emails, keeping your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Wix’s tools can also enhance your use of keywords, add a blog to page for additional SEO benefits, and collect names and email addresses of clients and subscribers. With Wix, it’s possible to make sure you’re always in connection with clients and vendors to grow your business quickly and organically.

Storage and Hosting Options

With so many website builders out there, choosing the right one to build the best online portfolio may seem like a challenge. However, most free platforms seriously limit storage and hosting capabilities, standing between your clients’ ability access to your images.

In order to accommodate your galleries, Wix provides extensive storage and hosting options. Even your largest, best quality pictures will always be visible to site visitors, and you can add new images on your schedule without worrying about space. With Wix, you’ll never have to limit exposure to your photos ever again.

Access to Apps

You have apps on your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone, so why not your photography website? Wix understands that no two businesses are exactly alike, which is why site owners can access over 200 apps perfect for creating an online portfolio that wows.

Site builders will have access to hundreds of addon options like Wix Pro Gallery, 123 Form Builder, Events Calendar, and Wix Store, providing everything necessary to create a website all your own. With new apps added regularly, your photography business will always be up to date. Apps are extremely easy to use with seamless integration in a matter of seconds.


For a photographer, branding is extremely important. The public persona shared with the world says a lot about who you are, what you do, and what you can accomplish for clients. When you want your web presence to live up to the images you create from behind your camera, Wix has everything you need to elevate your brand. From access to hundreds of apps to simple and elegant templates with over 40 gallery layouts to display your best images, your photos can always be front and center. With a custom built business site from Wix, your photography will be the star of the show