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Food service is among the world’s largest industries, with endless dining options almost in each city across the globe. With such stiff competition, anything you can do to position your restaurant in the best possible light is extremely important. That means your restaurant also need a visible, positive web presence.

With over 80% of consumers relying on review pages and online information prior to making their decisions, the face you show the world is critical. Many individuals, especially in large cities with busy food scenes, don’t like to eat unawares, making what you can share about who you are and what your restaurant is all about more important.

Instead of letting your Yelp! page speak for itself, put your focus into a stunning website that will highlight your special place and why you’re the best at what you do. No matter what kind of restaurant you have, building a restaurant website with Wix can facilitate everything you need including dedicated templates, customizable menus, collecting online orders, having an online reservation system and more.

Flexible Templates

Your website should capture your restaurant spirit, your vision, and your cuisine, and failing to do so can unfortunately negatively affect your business. That’s why Wix offers over a hundred gorgeous, customizable free templates specially designed for restaurants. Whether you favor a casual, rustic vibe or would like to emphasize an upscale experience, Wix gives you the perfect opportunity to capture any corporate identity.

Wix templates are always easy to use, giving users free rein to personalize layout, images, text, and more with simple drag and drop interface.

Customizable Menu Builders

Your menu is among your most valuable assets, providing prospective diners with a peek into what sets you apart from the rest. Wix makes it easy for you to display your menus, no matter how many variations you have to show. In addition, you can add extra information, like descriptions and pricing, to give site visitors a richer experience.

The menu tools are extremely easy to use, giving you the freedom to add and remove dishes and specials with a few simple clicks. You can even customize the layout to fit with your brand, ensuring your customers know exactly what to expect before sitting down to dine.

Advanced Reservation Systems

Filling tables is among your restaurant’s top priorities, and Wix’s online reservation tools make it fast and simple to manage who will be dining with you. Rather than letting team members handle reservations by phone, you can streamline the process with the online reservation tool, allowing guests the option to book tables days, weeks, or even months in advance.

By using Wix Apps reservation platforms, like OpenTable and Guestful, your dining options will be available to thousands of area diners on a daily basis.

Online Ordering Options

When given the option, a vast majority of consumers would rather place an online order than spend time on the phone. If you’d like to give your customers the ease of use online ordering provides, Wix’s suite of tools is perfectly tailored to your needs.

With Wix, you can streamline the ordering process, providing easy access to your menu, add-on options, custom orders, and even a choice between delivery and pickup if available. Customers can pay from both desktop and mobile devices using the payment methods of your choice, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Best of all, Wix takes no commissions, so you’ll never lose out on sales.

Foster Engagement

Many things go into building a loyal customer base, from delectable food to a welcoming environment. When you want to nurture relationships with existing diners and prospective area foodies, Wix provides a simple way to connect with your target audience.

Instead of existing solely in your own world, Wix helps you put your name out there. By integrating social media feeds, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more into your website, you can keep page visitors up to date on what you have to offer while encouraging online interaction. When you want to build your fan base and give customers an outlet, Wix makes it easy to connect.

Share Specials and Encourage Feedback

When you’re hoping to attract business, sales and promotions can be a great way to do so. Rather than keeping your deals to yourself, Wix gives you the support necessary to spread the word to all of your fans and followers. With ShoutOut emails, you can always stay connected, sending messages with the push of a button. Tell your fan base about anything, from sales to discount codes and even new dishes, to ensure your diners never miss a beat.

In addition, Wix also offers feedback features that allow you to demonstrate what your customers have to say. Post comments, testimonials, and reviews to show off your positive feedback, and encourage interaction from web visitors to expand upon your target market. When you want to build your reputation, Wix makes it easy to show off what your customers think about you.


When you want to keep up in fast-paced food service, your web presence can be the defining line between empty tables and a waiting list. With Wix’s capabilities, you can now present your menus, dining options, and special events like never before, and all without the expense of a professional design team. First impressions are critical in the food industry, from fast casual to Michelin-starred fine dining. With what Wix has to offer for restaurant websites, you’ll always be ahead of your competition.