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Jimdo is working to release its new, easy-to-use tool known as Dolphin. Dolphin can create unique websites based on the information users input to the questions asked. With those answers, the tool will produce a website that’s customized with your particular industry – with pieces that are sure to make an impact on your visitors.

Dolphin works with your established social media accounts to pull existing text and photos, saving you time. It takes just three minutes for Jimdo’s Dolphin program to create a website tailored to your needs. After that, you can edit the website the way you want using Jimdo’s regular editor.

Dolphin was designed to make things easier on business owners’ lives. The company knows what the website of a person’s industry should look like. With Dolphin, people can create a unique website that works well for them. The designers and developers were tasked to come up with the website creation tool and developed Dolphin for something smart and fast like a dolphin.

The company said Dolphin is currently in the early stages, with more improvements slated for the future. The idea was to get user feedback about the development process – to ensure it’s the most powerful website creation tool available.

People who love the Jimdo Creator can still use it even with the release of Dolphin. That program will also come with new features and tools to help people develop a from-scratch website or run their online store or blog. Both programs, which were designed to help anyone who wants to build a website, actually complement one another.

Jimdo isn’t the first website builder to introduce a feature that builds your website for you.
Wix launched ADI in 2016. You can read more about it in our Wix review.