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In an effort to win the talent over, the popular drag-and-drop website building company has added a benefits package that includes encouraging their employees to get out of the office. According to some observers, companies want to consider talking to their advisor or broker to see if this is something they can afford.

All-star employees who have worked with the Weebly company for at least five years were given a six-week paid sabbatical. The purpose of the program is to decrease the chances of burnout and entice employees to expand their horizons – to enjoy life.

10% of the 275 employees are eligible to take advantage of the sabbatical program, which includes a round-trip airfare to any location in the world… for free. One employee will be going to a remote Peru mountain region to try meditation, yoga and check out the Amazonian jungle. Another employee will partake in a cultural adventure that includes spots like Venice, Paris, Florence and London.

Weebly co-founder and CEO David Rusenko said the idea was to show appreciation to the employees and give them the time they needed to recharge.

Companies that have the financial standing and willing leadership can offer the program to their employees to retain the talent. Weebly’s perk is a recognition of the company’s talent, especially tenured employees who are not executives or managers. It’s the kind of program that offers them the chance to go somewhere they normally would be unable to go.

These kinds of trips, if even offered, tend to be reserved for C-Suite level employees. The term Sabbatical is often seen more in higher education rather than the tech industry.