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GearLaunch recently announced it has teamed up with Shopify. The best drop shipper Shopify performers will have access to the leading E2E commerce platform’s plethora of print-on-demand products and the support services like its customer support and world supply chain logistics.

The company’s established user base will still have access to its post-purchase services via new or established Shopify accounts.

With more Internet retailers taking advantage of the dropship and print-on-demand choices, they have been hindered by the industry’s limitations. They’ve suffered from a lack of customer support, long ship times and more, leaving the industry susceptible to negative customer reviews and opposition.

GearLaunch, to combat the issues, have come up with several well-designed, customizable products that allow for ship on-demand from the U.S. The majority of projects are shipped within 48 hours with support from the company’s own customer service department. GearLaunch feels it’s important to have an in-house customer support department to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

GearLaunch provides one of the most exhaustive and advanced E2E commerce platforms as well as logistics services (manufacturing, shipping, and individual customer support) and business operations support.

GearLaunch and Shopify users can request permission to become a part of the beta test group by going to