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The Agenda festival attracts over 500 pop up shops from super influential lifestyle brands with fun side attractions such as live musical performances, art installations, panel discussions, skate contests, athletics, and a locally made food menu.
This year’s edition would be happening live at Long Beach Convention center. The event is part of three-day action sports and fashion trade show and Shopify has been named the official commerce partner.
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Speaking at the announcement of the partnership with Shopify, Aaron Levant, founder of Agenda said Shopify’s ability to change the world of business was at the forefront of the decision to bring them on to support Agenda’s mission of improving general trade. So in hindsight, it was the perfect marriage. Aaron is also confident that Shopify’s reliability and scalability will help to provide Agenda supporters with the best customer experience.

In an additional statement, the Director of Retail Engineering at Shopify, IBK Ajila said the support for Agenda is in close alignment with those of Shopify, helping customers to sell securely with Shopify’s new chip and swipe reader.
The new Chip & Swipe reader is Shopify’s powerful point of sale (POS) technology; it provides exciting new features on its POS.
Some of the new features added to the Shopify Chip & Swipe Reader include an entirely wireless device, no headphones jack needed, long lasting battery that can last up to a week on a single charge. It supports multiple payment cards like MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. It provides support for both iOS and Android operating systems; it is also a part of the Shopify ecosystem.