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Shopify announced a package tracking tool known as Arrive. It works to consolidate all consumer shopping shipments into one location, let you receive updates on their status and provide customer service when necessary.

The basic idea behind it is familiar to those who already consolidate their online packages. For example, Deliveries, which was developed by Junecloud, is a package tracking app that works with a desktop MacOS app and using the iCloud to provide updates about your delivery. This is just one of the many options for both Android and iOS.

Arrive has an array of features that Shopify hopes will make it as must to use for purchase tracking. For example, quick email account integration, which adds your shipments to the tracked items list automatically. If you want to know where your shipment is during the journey, Arrive offers rich notifications – no reason to open the app to learn this information.

Of course, never opening the app means missing out on its sleek, elegant and smart design. One of the things you see with Arrive is that it provides direct contact options for both the package shipper and retailer. This feature is useful in cases where there are problems or if a product needs to be returned.

Arrive isn’t just limited to the retailers that use Shopify’s commerce platform, which means it can be used for any retailer. With its map-based location tracking, you can see where your stuff is along the way.

For the moment, Arrive is only for iOS devices. However, it will work with Gmail. The goal is to expand Arrive support to other email providers.