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Shopify’s new card reader is a device that is used to accept credit or debit card payments by inserting, tapping, swiping cards or entering information on card manually. It is plugged into the Shopify POS device.

The new card reader designed by Shopify (read our full Shopify Review) is currently shipping in the United States. It accepts both chip-based dips and swipes. It is a competitor to merchant services company Square’s ‘’square reader’’ which has launched an immense presence at craft markets, small businesses and various places where mobility is vital.

The Chip & Swipe is uniquely designed to function at a cashier station. It can also be used with a smartphone. With just one hand, you can easily operate it. The card reader accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

In a product hunt post, Shopify’s product marketing manager, Dasha Sivkov said ‘’the versatility of the card reader meets the demands of merchants selling in person either at stores, pop-up or festivals’’.

The card reader on a full charge can perform 700 swipes or 400 chip transactions and can pair wirelessly with Apple phones or Android over Bluetooth. New Shopify point-of-sale merchants can have the card reader for free, while existing customers will be able to get one for $29.