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Shopify merchants can now accept payments via Google Pay after Shopify became the first e-commerce platform to offer the service to its merchants.

Visitors to Shopify-powered stores who have their credit or debit card details stored on Chrome can now pay for goods and services using a Google Pay link from their Android gadgets. More details about this arrangement are expected to follow later.

According to a press release, the world’s forefront multi-channel commerce marketplace, Shopify Inc., has started integrating all its stores with Google Pay, enabling hundreds of millions of customers to enjoy Google Pay’s fast checkout.

Besides offering a mobile-first design, Google Pay provides shoppers with an accelerated checkout experience that only requires a couple of steps for quick checkout. Shopify has therefore broken ground by being the first commerce platform to offer it’s merchants a Google Pay option for shoppers.

The percentage of traffic to Shopify’s stores emanating from mobile devices stands at 70% as of today. This number is expected to keep rising. It is there critical for the mobile phone checkout process to keep on improving so as to support online merchants in their quest for growth.

To improve conversion rates at checkout, Shopify retailers now have the option of enabling Google Pay with just one click by going to their store settings where they can unlock the fast checkout option for their shoppers. With the new mobile-first design, any Android user with their credit and debit card details already on Chrome can now checkout via “Google Pay” with just a few clicks.

According to Mohammad Hashemi, General Manager of Shopify, Financial Services, completing a purchase is often helped or hampered by the checkout process. He notes that visitors are more likely to abandon their carts if there is any ‘friction on a mobile device’. For this reason, he says, Shopify has continually been on the lookout for ways to provide their merchants with tools and resources that would help them provide a superior customer service. Bringing Google Pay on board Shopify’s expansive platform is therefore aimed at assisting their merchants to confront head-on perhaps the most intransigent challenge in online commerce – abandoning the cart. Google Pay is expected to help Shopify’s merchants overcome this challenge by offering their customers the option of a “frictionless checkout process”. This is expected to result in higher sales for Shopify’s merchants.

Google Pay is designed to provide a smooth, seamless shopping experience that customers desire whenever they go shopping online, no matter where they are or which device they are using to shop.