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Shopify announced an agreement with eBay making it the latest addition to the Shopify sales

channel. This addition comes on the heels of similar arrangements with other sales avenues (websites)

like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Pinterest to mention a few. The addition of eBay to Shopify’s

sales channel is bound to provide Shopify’s merchants with a large pool of potential clients, thereby

providing Shopify store owners an avenue to sell their goods to a large and diverse market.

Shopify intends to integrate eBay by synchronizing several data like inventory information, which

include; products, their titles and description, product prices and also specific product details. What this

entails is that orders made on eBay would be sent directly to Shopify for execution. Also, in addition,

messages would be sent to eBay’s buyers through Shopify’s sales channel. This would provide you with

the opportunity to manage all your eBay centered transactions from Shopify and at the same time

monitor your other sales channel on the seller’s site.

This sales channel is not due to launch immediately. The idea is to implement a gradual roll out of this

service on Shopify, starting from sellers selling in the United States of America for local customers, then

transition to other countries. The word coming from Shopify is that it expects the initial launch to

happen sometime this fall. Although the launch is gradual, this partnership is actually worth anticipating

and preparing for, as eBay has the potential to offer about 169million new audience to your Shopify

sales channel.


According to figures released by Shopify, over 60 percent of sellers on Shopify currently conduct sales on
more than two different channels. This number is likely to increase as development on its centralized
sales hub continues to advance. One of the major advantage of Shopify as a brand is its unique
arrangement of leveraging potential competitors in the e-commerce marketplace and turning them into
allies. This idea making Shopify a marketplace for the marketplace. Thereby placing it at the forefront of
E-commerce evolution.

Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s vice president of product said this move came as a result of feedback gotten
from customers requesting that Shopify combines resources with eBay. Kanwar thinks a lot of
merchants will gravitate toward this. E-commerce is growing rapidly at a double-digit rate in the United
States annually. It is estimated that American consumers are set to spend in excess $400 billion online
this year. There is enormous potential to make a lot of money from e-commerce.