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U.S. Shopify merchants can now ship their products to the international market quicker, easier and for less money, thanks to the deal the company has brokered with DHL Express.

The worldwide retail market is five times bigger than the market in the U.S., and this deal allows them to sell products to the global market. Shopify retailers can expand their business thanks to the Shopify/DHL Express deal. The agreement enables retailers to add the DHL Express option to their Shopify Shipping with negotiated shipping rates and guaranteed express service to more than 220 countries… regardless of the package volume.

DHL Express shipping is standard for U.S. merchants on a Shopify Plan. All a retailer needs to do is:

  1. Set their shop up to ship internationally with shipping zones
  2. Include the rates from DHL Express to those shipping zones
  3. Produce DHL Express shipping labels for any international orders
  4. Plan for a DHL Express Pickup for “FREE”

Retailers who use DHL Express ensure their customers are the winners. They’ll have end-to-end product tracking, the safety of signature upon delivery and delivery of their order within five business days.

Before this deal was put into place, it was too expensive for Shopify retailers to sell and ship their products to the overseas market. However, now Shopify merchants will be able to sell more of their products to many other locations.

DHL Express is often called the International Specialists and is a proven premium carrier with the ability to deliver to the majority of countries in two days. This means Shopify merchants can market to their international base who will see their product arrive quickly and undamaged.