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Shopify, with an effort to expand its reach even more, has teamed up with Instagram to introduce the feature “Shopping on Instagram.”

In 2016, Instagram started offering its shopping feature with the introduction of shoppable pictures but only for specific brands. Posts included links to company websites and hinted at the possibility of financial rewards for its more than 500 million active users.

According to these companies, consumer response was overwhelmingly positive.

Now, Shopify is giving its users another outlet to sell their products and right before the holiday shopping season kicks into gear. The “Shopping on Instagram” feature will let sellers tag products they have in Instagram posts, clicking on the links and buying them while on Instagram.

At this time, only U.S. users can see product tags, with only five products eligible to be tagged in both old and new posts. Items that can be offered for sale include food, clothing, art, books, electronics, and stationery.

With the rollout still going on, Shopify is going to continue testing and making adjustments before it’s entirely live. Merchants must get Instagram’s approval by Oct. 16 to use the Shopping feature. Once the testing phase is carried out, the feature can be used by anyone.