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Shopify is presenting entrepreneurs with even more opportunities to develop their brand and market themselves.

Their latest tool is called Hatchful. The Ottawa-based e-commerce company developed the app so that any company or small business can create its brand assets without the need for a freelancer or professional graphic designer.

The app brings the creative process of a designer into an easy-to-use program that produces an array of potentials. The idea isn’t to replace designers but to give new entrepreneurs a leg up in the business world. One of the biggest reasons people begin a business is to come up with a unique brand, but many people are put off by the prospect of creating a logo for themselves.

Shopify merchants, as well as other users, can use the Hatchful app.

Hatchful’s Product Lead said the app would help businesses come up with a visual identity. He said the key premise was to demonstrate that humans and machines could create an amazing product. Labinjo said the combination of humans and machines means a better product than machine alone.

A Hatchful user will need to type in their business information and watch for the app to relay several logo styles. The business owner can then use the simple editing tool, choosing from an array of fonts, color palettes and more.

Labinjo said Hatchful wouldn’t just give users a logo – they can get branding for anything they need such as Facebook cover images, YouTube page designs, etc. He said Shopify’s goal was to develop a tool that would make the e-commerce experience better for all entrepreneurs. He said design makes it hard for entrepreneurs to establish themselves. Shopify is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for them.

Labinjo said Shopify’s Hatchful tool could be used by any small business owner who is experiencing problems with visual identity.

While anyone can use the app for free, Shopify did create a premium version that increases how many templates and designs people can choose from. However, the company said its free version is loaded with tools that will lead to unique branding. For users who want the paid premium version, the cost is $199.99 for every template.