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Squarespace made an eye-catching sculpture, as a way of celebrating love on the pride-parade, decorating their Manhattan headquarters with a rainbow of 15, 000 balloons to mark the event.

On June 23, Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons – the Los Angeles- based artist – was seen, as early as 7 am, building the gigantic balloon statue outside SquareSpace offices. The sculpture which took several hours to complete gulped 15, 000 balloons with their sizes ranging from 8″ to 8 ft.

Chief Marketing Officer Kinjil Mathur expressed hope that the colorful edifice will bring delight to the community as they celebrate love on the special day. She further poured accolade on Zencirli, describing her as an artist who loves to create art with a stroke of “emotional experience.”

On the eventful Sunday, Squarespace became the most-photographed point during the Pride festivals – thanks to Zencirli.

Revelers, newlyweds and fitness enthusiast brawled at the spot, all beaming with smiles as they posed to take some shots in front of the balloon structure.


image via SquareSpace blog