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Squarespace, together with worldwide research Kelton, carried out its inaugural study on American entrepreneurialism. The study uncovered that more than half of Americans would gladly give up sex and alcohol to start their own business.

According to the study from the prominent all-in-one web publishing tools company, 52 percent of Americans had an interest in starting a business, with one in five saying they wanted to do it within the next six months.

89 percent of people have a project that they’re so passionate about that they want to turn into a career. Why is that though? It’s because most Americans would love to be their own boss. 55 percent of Americans would give up alcohol for one month for a chance to start a business, 52 percent said they would give up sex for a month for and 36 percent said they’d be willing to jump out of a plane.

According to Squarespace, people are not taking the chance because of financial worries and fears. 61 percent are concerned they can’t make a profit or face financial ruin. Some people just need a boost in their confidence and morale. 55 percent are worried their passion project won’t do as well as they hope, 50 percent think they won’t get any customers and 36 percent don’t think they’re good enough.

Squarespace is designed to assist anyone who wants to develop a business with an amazing Internet presence. With its vast array of tools, such as its e-Commerce features, website builder and so much more, anybody can turn a passion into a money-making business.