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Strikingly Review

A beautiful website is a requirement for any business or personal brand, but getting started without coding experience can feel a little overwhelming. Enter Strikingly. A small yet established website builder, Strikingly was introduced in 2011, enticing those in need of a clean, creative, and hassle-free website. Unlike other lesser known website design platforms, Strikingly has made quite a splash in the marketplace, landing mentions and reviews from prominent names like The New York Time, USA Today, and Forbes.

Unlike many of the longstanding players in the website builder industry, Strikingly can’t offer the wide range of templates, customization options, and features like competitors Wix and WordPress. However, what the platform loses in lack of selection it makes up for in ease of use. Specifically designed for those who need a website right away without time to waste on coding, complicated template design, or lengthy content, only minutes are needed to assemble a site. With straightforward features and a stylish single-page format, this pioneer in simplistic websites is certainly worthwhile.

  • Features 80%
  • User Friendly 90%
  • Support 85%
  • Value for Money 85%
  • Overall 85%

Ideal For

Online Stores


Events Websites

Key Features

Video & Photo Galleries

With templates specifically designed for artists and creative professionals, Strikingly is a great platform for displaying audio, video, and photos. Some pre-made templates are built with photo galleries in mind, and in one simple click users can exchange photos for videos when needed. Image quality is high, providing a vivid experience worthy of any art piece or gallery showcase. Bandwidth can be problematic for free plans; those who have significant images or videos to host may have to purchase a premium subscription.

Social Media

Social sharing is a big part of the business and Strikingly works hard to integrate sharing features with all major social media providers. Also, businesses and individuals can display Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds directly on their websites, providing a perfect union of social options and modern design.

In addition to traditional sharing, Strikingly also utilizes a unique social media builder option that transforms an existing social media page into a stunning website. While not necessarily effective under most circumstances, this feature can make quick work of the design process by incorporating existing content and images without tedious copying and pasting.

Online Store

Unlike many free website builders, Strikingly does provide e-commerce possibilities. However, these are quite restricted, especially when compared to many high profile rivals, and may require a premium membership to utilize as desired. Free plans permit one item for sale per site, while Limited plans allow five. Only Pro memberships provide for a complete e-commerce experience, with a limit of 100 items per site.




Strikingly offers custom blogging sections and templates, making it easy for users to add blogs to an existing site or to maintain a standalone blog. Templates provide expansive text blocks that make it possible to input the content of your choice, and even provide an opportunity to add videos and images as necessary. Blogs also include a signup function for email lists and newsletter subscriptions. Functionality is limited, however; without features like a comments section or any of the plugins used by rivals like WordPress, designers are stuck with the basics.

Templates & Design

Arguably the most important feature of any website builder Strikingly attempts to keep up with the competition with a range of attractive yet limited templates. With approximately two dozen options, ranging from business pages to personal sites, users can choose from unique professional layouts that are easy to customize and embellish. Templates can be previewed and edited for free, providing easy access for those unsure about making a commitment.

Comprised of a series of hero and content blocks with images, titles, and text, Strikingly provides plenty of variety for single page sites. Each section’s layout can be rearranged using a toggle feature in the top right of each block, although customization is limited beyond this point. Sections are available in both simple and advanced forms, giving users options that meet aesthetic needs as well as comfort level. These are available in many different categories, including shops, blog posts, contact pages, about us¬†page features, and even custom-built sections.

Text and image edit features are fairly standard, providing options for adjusting color, font, size, shape, and scale. Uploading images and videos can be handled with a few clicks, making it easy to incorporate unique information into a site design.


To stay relevant in Google’s post-Mobilegeddon world, all Strikingly sites are responsive and designed to accommodate a wide range of devices. Rather than building multiple sites for multiple uses, all Strikingly templates can be viewed seamlessly on any platform or operating system.

Strikingly also has a mobile phone app available for iOS, allowing for edits and monitoring on the go. Android operating systems are currently not supported

Hosting & Storage


Hosting is a part of all Strikingly subscriptions, including the free package. Free users are limited to basic bandwidth and a Strikingly domain name, but premium users have more options. The Limited plan for $8 a month billed yearly permits users to use purchased domain names. The Pro subscription, billed yearly at $16 a month, lets designers remove Strikingly branding and use custom domain names. Hosting capabilities, in general, do not differ between plans.


Storage & Bandwidth

Unlike other competitors who offer unlimited options at all price points, Strikingly provides a tiered system for pricing and bandwidth. The free plan, which Strikingly claims will be free forever, includes 5 GB of bandwidth, a Strikingly domain, unlimited sites, and one simple product page.

The two paid plans offer more variety, providing users with additional options. The Limited plan is a step up from the free model and includes 50 GB of bandwidth, premium site options, more e-commerce options, and a free domain. The Pro plan, which Strikingly advertises as its most popular, is billed yearly and includes unlimited bandwidth and an extended range of site features and benefits.



Even the best websites run into issues every now and then. In order to address this, Strikingly provides 24/7 customer support from its so-called Happiness Team. Contact can be made through a chat window on the platform website, and assistance is always available through the Help Center. Video guides and troubleshooting tutorials exist for many common problems.

When the guides and problem-solving tips aren’t enough, the Contact Us page provides a web form that users can submit when issues arise. Strikingly does not provide a phone number, and there is no information on when to expect a reply.


In order to make website management as simple as the design process, Strikingly provides limited analytics tools with all plans. Although relatively primitive compared to the competition, the Analytics Dashboard offers valuable data on site performance, including page views, unique visitors, countries, devices, and traffic sources. Those who want to learn more can use Google Analytics, a free tool that Strikingly provides support for through their Knowledgebase.

Strikingly Pricing


If you have simple needs and like efficiency and speed, Strikingly has a lot to offer. Extremely simple to use with no coding knowledge required, designers from many industries can make quick work of a beautiful site. While the platform isn’t perfect and is slightly more costly than the competition for limited premium features, Strikingly is a great option for those with average expectations and basic needs.

Easy to Use

Good Mobile & Social Integration

Built in Analytics 

Relatively Restricting Platform

Restricting eCommerce Options on Basic Plans

Lack of Plugins & Apps