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uCoz Review

Founded in 2005, uCoz is a website building tool offering optimal control. While many major website builders are geared more toward users who lack any foundation or experience in HTML and CSS, this particular website builder gives you direct access to the source code. If you don’t know how to write code, this site may not be for you, though it is possible to work around code writing by taking advantage of the premade modules. Over the years this builder has improved to offer thousands of great widgets and features for your convenience, and it is possible to create a beautiful site with some time and practice.

comfortable with manipulating code. You can really get into the minute details and behind the scenes work with this website builder, and that brings a certain attraction that competitors like Wix just can’t provide. They do have drag and drop capabilities, but these don’t measure up well against some of the biggest competitors today. Even so, you can produce an attractive and professional website for personal or professional use.

  • Features 77%
  • User Friendly 70%
  • Support 86%
  • Value for Money 85%
  • Overall 79%

Ideal For

Online Stores



Small Business


You have access to thousands of widgets and tools when you build a site with uCoz, and you won’t be disappointed with how much each can expand the capabilities of your site.

Firstly, many website builders today restrict access to the website code. But uCoz gives you complete access to the innards of your website, so the more you know about writing code the more you can control the results you produce. This may be exciting for some, but daunting for others.

If you don’t prefer to manipulate code, you can simply use the preformed modules and templates, customizing here and there to produce something a little more unique.

If you have an online store, it is easy to build an ecommerce site through uCoz. Of course, this is a paid feature, but it is an affordable way to bring your business transactions to the internet. All you have to do is add the e-shop module.

The modules are one of the most exciting features offered by uCoz, because they offer great flexibility for your site. There is a well-designed module for just about any purpose you need, including blogs, guest books, surveys, and chat options. Except for the ecommerce module, these are all available at the free level. You can get an excellent idea of what uCoz can do for your online presence without putting any money down at all.

The blog is a great module that provides advanced capabilities not found in just any website builder. For example, you can schedule blog posts and connect your page to popular social media forums to help your users share and interact with your material.

Each module and feature is very customizable, so you aren’t stuck with one layout. Familiarize yourself with the interface, and play around to see what you can create!


With 250 templates to choose from, you have numerous design options available to you. In addition, code savvy users can fully manipulate the minute details of the templates, or make their own. If you opt for one of the pre-designed templates, you can have a site up and running very quickly. Everything is customizable, so you can add in your own colors and logo, as well as media like pictures or video. The number of templates may not be as large as that offered by other website building, but there is something for just about everyone. You can either design your site from scratch, opt for a free theme, or put down some money for a paid option. Each can produce great sites, so it is all at your discretion.

To build your site, you simply add and remove modules that have the functionality you desire. If you want a blog, you add a blog module. Do you want to add survey capability? Check the Web Polls box. You really have an impressive amount of freedom and customization available to you. And, you aren’t stuck with anything you choose. It is as easy as going to the control panel and checking or unchecking boxes to add and remove elements.
You can customize just a little, or dig in and change every single aspect. It mostly depends on your experience and comfort level. With the templates and design capabilities available to you, uCoz can help you produce a site that will please you and everyone who visits it.

uCoz is currently developing mobile friendly capabilities, and there are at least a couple of responsive options available which will work on the devices of your users. Of course, with access to the code, HTML and CSS savvy users can make their sites as mobile friendly as their skills and experience allow. It all depends upon who is using the builder. If you aren’t knowledgeable about code, then you will be better off using one of the mobile-friendly templates that will produce a responsive website. This of course limits your design freedom to a degree, but that is better than having a site which won’t work for your mobile users.
Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular, and a growing number of users browse the internet on phones and tablets. It doesn’t reflect well on your business if your site doesn’t appear nicely on a mobile screen. If you don’t know how to write code for responsiveness and you want more template freedom, then it might be better for you to build your site somewhere else.

You can add in a blog that is both attractive and highly functional with the uCoz blog module. By going into the control panel and checking the blog option, you have a premade blog where you can immediately start posting your material. If you like the look of the existing design, you can simply add in small elements here and there. And if you want to rearrange everything completely on your own, you can do that too! Even without coding knowledge you can move elements like social media links, comments, the feed, and more. You can also add in media to round out your posts, like pictures and video. Your blog will be strong enough to stand alone as its own site, or become an integral part of a larger online presence.


The web hosting for uCoz is factored into the price. You pay according to the space you need, and from there they do the rest. Rather than requiring you to pay extra for the security, maintenance, upgrades, and more that come with professional hosting, you are simply asked to pay for the space you need. This means that for a very reasonable and competitive price you receive access to their professional builder and their safe and secure hosting. Not every website builder includes hosting in the fees, so this can be seen as an advantage.

Since you have access to the code of your site, you can brush up on SEO tactics and add them in for yourself. Unfortunately there aren’t any SEO modules, at least not across all languages just yet. SEO is a very important consideration for a successful web presence, so you may want to brush up on HTML and CSS SEO tactics if you plan to use uCoz. It is possible they will be adding SEO capability in the future, but for now it isn’t available. There are a few other website builders available today that directly address SEO with a few easy options. If you want easily accessible search engine optimization features, it may be better for you to look elsewhere at this time.

uCoz understands that their interface and website builder can be intimidating and confusing at times, and consequently they offer excellent customer support. The help menu covers every major element of the builder and related elements, and there is also a helpful FAQ section. You can search for information by module or by category. There is also a highly active forum available to members, where you can consult with other users who may share your issues or have the answers to things that challenge you. Of course, you can also download the uCoz textbook which is a comprehensive guide to using every aspect of the website builder. If you need further assistance past this point, you can send a message to customer support. They are rated fairly well for answering quickly and solving problems satisfactorily.



uCoz is a solid option for building websites, but it isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. The interface is definitely different and somewhat more complicated than other, more popular website builders. If you know how to write code and you like to get into the guts of your website as you build, then this is an excellent option. If you don’t know how to code, but are willing to learn the uCoz interface, then it may work just as well for you. With patience and practice, you can use the modules and templates to great advantage and produce a site perfect for your needs. Plenty of templates, customization options, included hosting, and great premium features make uCoz a notable competitor in the world of website builders.

Large selection of free templates

Free Plan

Highly customizable

Not so user friendly

Free plan is limited in features