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Webnode Review

With a legacy that began in 2008, Webnode has eight years of success in the wide world of free website builders. With over 22 million sites built and generally solid reviews, customers around the world have enjoyed the simple tools and features available.

Service around the world isn’t an exaggeration, either – Webnode is one of the few truly international platforms for creating a website at an affordable price point. Headquartered in Switzerland with a development and operations office in the Czech Republic, designers can build sites in over three dozen languages with ease.

In addition to a multilingual approach to website construction, Webnode also offers numerous effective options for companies and individuals in need. With a wide selection of templates, user-friendly tools, and perks like SEO support and mobile compatibility, even novice designers can create something beautiful with Webnode.

  • Features 80%
  • User Friendly 90%
  • Support 80%
  • Value for Money 75%
  • Overall 82%

Ideal For

Online Stores


Small Businesses


Video & Photo Gallery

Showing off your creative strengths is easy with Webnode. Audio, video, and photo galleries are all available and can be added to any site. Configurations are limited, and some artist-specific templates are better than others, but Webnode gives you plenty of potential to showcase your most valuable multimedia work. As with all site features, full abilities in terms of storage and bandwidth depend on the subscription plan purchased.


Webnode Photo Gallery | Webnode Review |



Social Media

When you want the world to see your website, social media marketing is among the best strategies. As such, Webnode provides ample opportunity to advertise your business across a wide range of social platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

To offer further benefits, social media feeds can be integrated into your existing website, showing off your social followers and advertising activity to followers.



Online Store

Maintaining an ecommerce site can be a challenge with DIY website builders, but Webnode makes it easy to manage your entire business. Ecommerce capabilities are available in all online store plans, and come with a varying array of support capabilities, like form builders and backup and recovery.



Webnode eCom | Webnode Review |



Listing products is simple; designers can add images, product descriptions, and more to make sales as easy as possible. Webnode also offers other helpful features like credit card processing and contact forms. Whether you have a few items to sell or a large ecommerce catalog to accommodate, Webnode can help you accomplish your goals at an affordable rate.




When you want to improve your search engine rankings with blogging, Webnode provides a simple platform that allows for unlimited posts on your schedule. Posts can be as long or short as necessary, creating a convenient, cohesive way to manage your content marketing or creative process.

Despite offering blogging capabilities, Webnode isn’t a blog platform. In comparison to dedicated blogging sites, functionality is rather limited, and many of the SEO-boosting tools available to competitors aren’t an option here.



Site Analytics

Analytics isn’t a strength of the Webnode platform, but limited options are available. While designers will struggle to match the options available with more sophisticated programs, it’s possible to track rudimentary stats, like visitor counts, traffic sources, and more. For those hoping for more, options like Google Analytics can be used in conjunction with a Webnode site. However, Google Analytics support is only available with a higher-priced Standard or Profi plan subscription.



In an effort to appeal to a wide range of designers, Webnode provides a gorgeous library of templates. Modern in look and function, templates provide numerous layouts in various standard and creative formats. With several dozen styles to choose from, designers can easily browse all available options before making a decision.

Templates can be used for any purpose, but all available options are designed with specific functions in mind, ranging from personal portfolios to DIY advertising. While Webnode’s selection is limited compared to the hundreds of choices available on rival sites, all templates are sophisticated, crisp, and clean. Unfortunately, blank templates are not an option, forcing designers to choose among the available options, regardless of creative vision.

Modifying templates is easy and intuitive, allowing even those who have limited design experience to create an individualized and professional-caliber website. Adding sections and pages can be accomplished with a click, offering the opportunity to add unlimited text, images, layouts, and more. Sections come in many forms, including blank tabs, text boxes, and gallery pages.


Webnode at Templates | Webnode Review |



Mobile performance is a big part of a modern web presence, and an important element many free website builders neglect. Webnode does not, however; mobile capabilities are available to all customers at all plan levels. This feature ensures a responsive website, giving visitors on all devices, from cell phones to tablets, easy access to the website you’ve put together.


Webnode Mobile | Webnode Review |



As a perk of using Webnode, all hosting is always free, regardless of the plan selected. Domain names are also included with plans, but designers also have the option to use independently purchased domain names if desired.


Storage & Bandwidth

When you have your sights set on posting photos, ecommerce listings, video clips, or audio, appropriate storage and bandwidth are crucial to your success. In an effort to appeal to all customers of varying needs, Webnode provides transparent details and multiple options to help everyone find the right fit.

Storage and bandwidth are limited with the free plan, with availability topping out at 100 MB of storage and 1 GB bandwidth. Paid plans come in three different varieties – Mini, Standard, and Profi – that vary in pricing and functions based on site purpose. Mini plans are the most affordable, and include 500 MB of storage and 3 GB bandwidth. Standard plans, the most popular, include 2,000 MB of storage and 10 GB bandwidth, while the professional-caliber Profi plans come with 5,000 MB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.


In an effort to support those looking for additional functionality, Webnode does make limited third party extensions available. Designers are able to embed a Facebook widget to connect site visitors with social media feeds, and a Reservio add-in is also available for websites requiring reservation capabilities, like restaurants and salons. Comments sections are also an option through the Disquus platform. Although these small touches are appreciated by many designers, competitors like Wix and WordPress offer significantly more variety.


SEO tools are generally few and far between when it comes to free website builders, but Webnode offers an acceptable array of options that exceeds what its peers can provide. In an effort to ensure sites are visible and easy to find, the platform includes comprehensive SEO support, access to advanced techniques, clean URLs, and site maps. Users can edit meta titles, descriptions, and keywords as well, providing access to the tools the pros use.


Webnode supports its users as best as possible, providing an in-depth FAQ page with answers to many common questions. Topics are expansive, including detailed usage instructions, registration assistance, premium subscription information, and even guidance for previous versions of the platform. If the FAQ section does not provide adequate guidance, contact is available by email or through a messaging platform upon login.


Webnode Support | Webnode Review |








Unfortunately, Webnode does not provide significant information regarding availability and response times. As such, users may have a long wait to resolve issues, depending on the problem at hand.



Clean and efficient, Webnode’s site editor offers compelling opportunities for those seeking a fast and easy solution. Templates, while limited, are attractive and modern, and, despite shortcomings in personalization options, design tools function quite well for basic purposes. Free plans offer acceptable resources, and simple paid plans can provide additional features at a low base rate. Premium business plans are rather pricey for what Webnode can provide, however, making this website builder best suited for simple, straightforward websites without a need for bells, whistles, and frills.

Fast & Easy to use

Modern & Clean Templates

Wide range of SEO tools

Basic blogging capabilities

LimitedPlug-ins & Apps

Key features available only on premium subscription