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Building a custom website can be exceedingly complex, especially for individuals and businesses that have little experience in design. seeks to bridge this gap, providing a quick, convenient, and free way to create a custom website. One of the newer website builders on the scene, this platform launched in 2015 and is eager to set itself apart from the crowd. As such, extensive reviews and user guides are rather lacking, but initial response has been positive.

Like most of its competitors, operates on many of the tenets so common to website construction, including affordability and speed. Boasting a three step process – choose a design, edit your site, and publish your page – users are encouraged to develop a finished project in next to no time. With numerous templates to choose from, sophisticated tools for customization, and some added benefits, like SEO support, there’s a lot to like about what has to offer.

  • Features 78%
  • User Friendly 89%
  • Support 84%
  • Value for Money 81%
  • Overall 83%

Ideal For





Small Businesses


Video & Photo Gallery

Photographers, creative professionals, restaurants, and so many other industries require extensive use of audio, video, and photo resources. does acknowledge this, making multimedia and image sharing available on all websites. While this sounds like an advantage, the upsides are rather limited; as outlined above, storage space is extremely restricted in lower end plans, requiring those with significant needs to invest in a more expensive subscription. Image Gallery | Review |

Social Media

An essential asset for marketing, social integration is easy with Offered with all websites, designers have the option to connect their websites to social media and to link social media feeds to their sites. While this is not available for all social platforms, major sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are always accessible.

Online Store

For business with wares for sale, ecommerce functionality is vitally important. Many website builders, especially those with low price points, do not offer significant sales abilities, but does – with a catch.

While the option is certainly there for those who want it, availability is limited only to those willing to pay for the highest tier plan, intended for commercial enterprises. At a promotional rate of $11.99 a month with regular rates of $18.45 billed annually or $24.60 billed monthly, this subscription will cost quite a bit in comparison to the competition. eCom | Review |



When you want a blog on your website, whether for marketing purposes or to keep the creative juices flowing, can provide the platform you need. Blogging can be integrated into any site, utilizing as many text blocks as necessary. With the ability to create multi-page sites, your blog can easily be its own page. In addition, a specific blog function is also available, putting the tools you need right at your fingertips. Blog | |

Many website builders offer a small handful of templates, but seeks to break that mold. With over 1,000 template options, there’s assuredly something for everyone, regardless of industry or intent. Templates are broken down by purpose, with categories specifically for all kinds of businesses, including real estate, beauty and fashion, construction and trade, design and creative, hotels and travel, and so many more. Templates also include personal categories, like wedding, portfolio, and photography. Unlike many competitors, also has completely blank templates, allowing for true customization. Users aren’t limited to one page formats, either; sites can contain multiple pages unless chosen to function otherwise.

Editing sites is fast and easy, giving you control over the results you have in mind. Sections can be dragged, tweaked, and adjusted easily, allowing you to make the small changes most other free website builders don’t offer. Adding sections is easy; simply click on the plus sign and choose the category you have in mind. Templates | Review |

Content within templates is organized in a variety of ways, ranging from text boxes to data lists. This provides an easy way to collect and present information, creating navigational panels, links, galleries, and more with a click. Editing menus are clear and detailed, boasting significant depth for a free platform. Templates can also be switched mid-design, giving designers a chance to exercise creativity from start to finish.

Use of the mobile web is extremely advantageous, and fully understands the importance. However, mobile sites are not available to all customers. Mobile sites are not an option in the lowest two plan tiers, Free and Personal, and more sophisticated packages require an investment of at least $6.99 a month. For customers seeking a simple, affordable site, this can be a significant detriment, especially in terms of mobile search and SEO functions. Mobile Site | Review |


As a courtesy to all designers, does indeed offer hosting to all plan levels for free, including Starter subscriptions. This is a true benefit, as self-hosting can be quite expensive. This doesn’t always include a domain, however; only paid plans come with a free domain name. Free plans, unfortunately, require a third party domain name purchase.

Storage & Bandwidth

For anyone who wishes to post photos, attach files, or provide other external information on a site, storage and bandwidth matter. While a certain capacity is expected within a website builder, does not disclose this on its pricing page and makes these plan details quite hard to find.

Per the support Knowledge Base, five different plans, ranging from free to premium, are available with varying offerings:

  • Free Starter Plan: Storage 50 MB
  • Personal Plan: Storage 1 GB
  • Premium Plan: Storage 5 GB
  • Business Plan: Storage 10 GB
  • eCommerce Plan: Storage 10 GB

Storage is available on the free plan, but the amount is extremely low, especially in comparison to competitors. For designers who wish to incorporate more than an image or two, an upgrade is almost certainly necessary.

When you need help with SEO and marketing support, is here to help. That is, if you can pay the price. Like many tools the platform makes available, SEO assistance isn’t an option for just anyone. In fact, Starter and Personal plans are both without SEO tools, requiring a greater investment to benefit. However, those who understand the basics of linking and keyword usage may be able to appropriately utilize free site design elements to stay competitive in the SERPs.

When the design process becomes too complex or features aren’t functioning quite right, offers comprehensive troubleshooting and support. The Support page is robust and thorough, providing a wealth of information on common topics and frequently answered questions. A search bar is also available, giving designers a fast and easy way to find simple solutions. Email assistance is available through a link on the Support tab.
Despite the availability of support services provided, does not prioritize tickets based on urgency but rather subscription level. Higher paying plans offer expedited support, putting those uninterested in a large financial commitment at a substantial disadvantage. Support Section | Review |


Conclusion offers user-friendly features, excellent personalized design tools, mobile capabilities, SEO and marketing support, and a comprehensive approach to ecommerce. Unfortunately, many of these tools are only available with a pricey subscription, forcing designers on a budget to look elsewhere. The restrictive capabilities are off-putting, especially for those who need more than the bare basics.

Ultimately, this platform is best for individuals and companies with simple goals who do not need the features offered in the high end plans, as well as anyone not limited by financial concerns. For everyone else, a cheaper, more flexible website builder may be a better choice.

Very easy to use

HUGE number of templates

Basic free plan

Severly restricted starter plans

High premium plans prices 

Lacks basic features like plug-ins and add-ons