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Weebly recently announced a new partnership with apple that would involve integrating Apple pay into the mobile checkout movement of Weebly online stores.

Currently, over 40 percent of all transactions on Weebly online stores are carried out either on mobile or tablet. This agreement would ease the mobile checkout flow for apple device users across all Weebly ecommerce sites. It would also assist the growth of small business owners digitally with the most recent technologies used in carrying out transactions. Apple pay offers a faster, safer and smooth checkout process that removes the need for checkout forms and also the transfer of credit card details. It also provides an optimized user experience for mobile users.  

Results from studies carried out showed that 25 per cent of people tend to abandon their carts as a result of a cumbersome check out process. The results also shows that the checkout conversion rate on mobile is usually lower (about 66%) than desktop. This cease to be this case because with Apple pay, a shopper using a mobile device can buy a product from Weebly stores in far less time.

David Rusenko, who happens to be the founder and CEO of Weebly, said recently that the checkout and payment process shouldn’t be done with any difficulty at all. He also retreated that with Apply pay, checking out becomes an online frictionless experience and the integration provides a way by which they are creating more opportunities for their entrepreneurs by empowering their online stores with the latest technology to assist them to gain more customers and in turn increase their sales.

Weebly merchants and shoppers who are qualified would from 27th of July begin to experience the Apple pay integration phase by phase, till full implementation comes up in the next few weeks. For you to be qualified for the Apple pay service, merchants would need to be connected to the Stripe payment gateway and also have Apple pay set up on their device.

The setup for Apple pay is quite easy and straightforward to set up, users would also receive rewards and benefits offered by credit and debit cards.