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Podomatic, a podcast publishing, and hosting platform has teamed up with Weebly to provide podcasters the ability to produce amazing websites and podcasts that are accessible on any device.

Podcasters, which offer as much information and music as big corporations, often compete with those entities. To assist them in succeeding, Podomatic has begun offering professional, high-quality website building tools that will work on any device by using Weebly. Providing selected accounts with this new option, which has already been added to the hosting and publishing service price. The service enables users to do code-free website building and editing and offer e-commerce platforms along with an array of other neat features.

What are some benefits of this new service?

Select templates with podcaster-related features
Automatically links your website and podcast with one another
Management of the podcast and website using the Podomatic account.

Do you have a music podcast? Do you have a talk podcast? No matter which one you have, the joint efforts of Weebly and Podomatic allow you to create a high-quality professional website that will work on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.