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Weebly Review

Since 2006, Weebly has been a popular and valuable tool for people who want to build a web presence with as little hassle as possible. For almost a decade it has steadily improved its services and options in response to customer feedback, and today it is one of the most formidable website building services on the market. Over 25 million accounts have been registered with Weebly, and more are added every day. Some users call this tool the easiest-to-use website builder available today.

The popularity of this tool is largely due to the drag and drop interface which allows you to see in real time exactly how your alterations and design choices will look when published. It truly is a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) builder appropriate for users of every experience level. You can enjoy attractive template themes, customizable design options, and enough tools to produce a beautiful site that looks like you hired the services of an expensive professional.

With the help of Weebly you can act as an expert designer and webmaster all at once. There are numerous examples of beautiful sites created by real Weebly users available to view, and you can sign up for free to give it a try for yourself.

  • Features 89%
  • User Friendly 92%
  • Support 90%
  • Value for Money 90%
  • Overall 91%

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Online Stores








You certainly won’t lack for attractive and useful features if you build a website with The easy to use and intuitive building interface is almost enough by itself, but Weebly didn’t stop there. There are a large variety of options available to you to create a site that provides exactly what you and your users need.

You can seamlessly include a variety of media and use options that will up the value and overall feel of your site. Photos can be placed in a beautiful gallery, and you can set up a slideshow to present them in an eye catching and attractive manner. Uploading your photos is fast and free. And if you need photos but don’t have them, Weebly has an extensive library of free and paid professional images to place at your disposal. If you want to add video, they do offer direct hosting and uploads on their site. You can also embed videos in your website from a variety of players, including YouTube.

Another exciting feature is the form builder which allows you to create surveys and information gathering material. You build the forms you need from the list of form elements provided, and customize everything to suit your need. Weebly will store the information provided by your users on these forms, and send it to you via email.

Another excellent Weebly option is the ecommerce store builder. You can use features like shopping carts, secure checkout, a mobile store, product search options, inventory management, and more. The ecommerce offerings from Weebly are some of the best available today.

Website statistics are another great feature of which you can take advantage. You can view data on which of your pages are viewed most, how many people visit your site. It’s even possible to see what searches brought your site up and which websites referred viewers. For further data you can easily add Google Analytics too.

You can find plenty of attractive template options with Weebly, though not nearly as many or as much variety as you can with comparable competitors like Wix. Even so, there are solid options for virtually every purpose, and each can be customized completely to produce a site unique to your brand and your needs. Every template is available to you even with a free account. Additionally, you have access to purchasable third party templates if you are looking for a little something more. With these options combined there is more than enough for you to choose from.

Weebly Templates | Weebly Review |

One of the best things about the template options from Weebly is that you aren’t stuck with what you choose! Not all website building tools offer this freedom, but Weebly caters to your need for design exploration. As you start to add your content and the elements you desire, you might find that you want to try a different theme. With just a click you can switch to something new, and your content will all still be there. No starting from scratch just because you made a design change.

Since the box model keeps your elements in a fairly clean order, you don’t need to be afraid to drag and drop as many items as your page needs. The site will adjust to suit smoothly and instantly, without any lag. You can add attractive design elements like slideshows and page transitions that will impress both you and your users.

Yes, you can rest assured that if you use to create a website, it will be mobile friendly. That is a very important consideration if you are building a web presence today, and a number of competing website builders available offer little to no customization or consideration for mobile users. When you build a site, Weebly automatically creates a mobile friendly version. You don’t have to tweak the mobile site at all, but there is an editor available to allow it. In case you don’t prefer the standard mobile version provided, you can change colors and arrange elements to bring the things you think are most important to the forefront.

Weebly Mobile | Weebly Review |

In addition to the mobile-friendliness provided for your users, you also have mobile options fairly unique to Weebly. They have provided an app for Apple and Android which allows you to edit your site, contribute to your blog, and manage your store from your phone or tablet. You now have website control wherever you go.

Weebly’s mobile friendly options ensure a clean and pleasant mobile experience for your users, as well as web management freedom for you.

One major concern to think about when building a website is the cost of web hosting. Lucky for Weebly users, hosting is free! You don’t have to concern yourself with maintenance, storage space, security, or any of the other technical problems and pains associated with hosting your site. Whether you opt for a free account or you upgrade to a premium option, Weebly has you covered. Your only job is to create a beautiful website and use it as you please.

A very important and exciting option you have with this website builder is the option to export your site! If you decide that you want to take your beautiful website(s) elsewhere for hosting, Weebly won’t force you to stay. That is an option not always available with quality website builders. Hosting through Weebly is great because they keep security up to date and give you peace of mind. But if you decide to leave, they will allow you to do so cheerfully.


There are great blog templates available which can stand as their own sites or be added in as a page to your site. Everything is completely customizable, including the post and comment structures, the layout, and the navigation. You can link social media making it easier for readers to share your content, and you can manage the user feedback to keep everything exactly as you desire. In addition to social sharing features and customizable templates, you can also incorporate media and widgets too.

Even more control is offered with the ability to schedule future posts and toggle certain features on and off as you choose. Weebly’s great blog options allow you to connect and interact with your readers in exciting ways that will keep them coming back for more.


It is incredibly important today to carefully and purposefully cultivate your SEO tactics in order to increase the visibility and usefulness of your site. That is why Weebly offers the ability to manipulate the SEO characteristics of any website you build with them very easily. Your descriptions, keywords, and page titles are fully accessible and customizable, and they are the basics of any successful SEO strategy. Combined with Google Analytics, you can evaluate the successfulness of your website in search engines, and make changes as necessary.

The support on Weebly is designed to be as helpful as possible and give you the answers you need quickly. Many of the tools and features have pop-ups with explanations on how to use them or other pertinent information. There are also forums and an FAQ section at your disposal. But if this doesn’t provide the information you need, you have several other options. You can send an email with your question or problem and wait for a reply. Most users report answers and help being fast and of good quality.
If you don’t have the time to wait you can also take advantage of the live chat function. This is an immediate way to get help from a knowledgeable professional. And if you prefer, there is phone support. Sometimes talking to a person directly is the easiest way to solve a problem. The general consensus is that the customer support is of good quality with Weebly.



If you are a small business or an individual in need of a professional website, Weebly is absolutely an option you should consider. You can try it for free to make sure that it has the basics you desire, and then upgrade to an affordable plan that provides the extras you need. If you don’t know how to write or handle code, no problem. This WYSIWYG interface lets you put things where you like them and see the final result immediately. And if you know your way around source code then you can dig right in and customize it to your heart’s desire. There are beautiful themes, great support, and unique options to make your site stand apart from everything else on the internet. And if you have an online store, Weebly offers better ecommerce options than most of its competitors. Go ahead and give it a try, and you won’t be sorry. You won’t lose anything by creating free account with your email and finding out just how easy and fun building a website with Weebly can be.

Mobile App/Basic Editor

Advanced eCom capabilites

Ability to switch between templates

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Basic photo editor