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There is always a special moment which everyone will love to capture and immortalize with pictures, and there are absolutely no limits to how big a dream shoot can be. This motivated Wix to introduce the ‘’Wix capture your dream photo ‘’.

Reiko Wakai, a Japanese independent fashion photographer got the chance to fulfill her dreams after winning the Wix Capture Your Dream Photo Campaign contest for photographers. The contest was made accessible through the Wix website (Read our full Review here) where photographers were expected to submit their portfolio and give a description of their dream photo shoot. So many Wix users were excited about this development, which resulted in the contest receiving submissions from 134 countries in about 15 languages.

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Reiko’s determination to succeed was evident in a fashion shoot, using a top international model ‘StavStrashko’ in a zero-gravity environment. Make-up artist, Ronnie Peterson, and Mimi Fisher, a fashion stylist, were available to produce a gravity-defying look that gave the shoot a futuristic tone.

‘’The impossible was made possible by Wix. Your main objective as a commercial photographer is to accomplish the vision and goal of someone else, however, an entire team was provided by Wik to enable me to capture my dream photo’’, said Reiko Wakai. ‘’In each shoot, I ensure elements of what I love is added into it. In this particular shoot, I experienced real fun in zero gravity. It was a form of challenge to me, a famous model in Japan, and ‘’zero gravity’’ which is an element beyond our control.’’

Rising fashion star and top model, StavStrashko said ‘’ When I was asked to partake in this shoot, I was so glad that Reiko chose me to be a part of her vision. My job is to look graceful for the camera, and in this particular shoot I had to look beautiful in zero-gravity, which I am completely unfamiliar with. It was challenging. We all united to accomplish one beautiful crazy dream.’’