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Wix announced several months ago that it had developed Wix Code, which provides a person with the ability to create with no limitations. This Wix Code, once limited to certain people, is now available to the general public.

The integrated development environment known as Wix Code lets users manage data, modify the various parts of Wix and develop amazing, powerful websites and web applications. It is the kind of technology that lets you increase the usefulness of your Wix website.

Best of all, it can be used with the amazing visual specs of the Wix Editor.
The great thing about the Wix Code is that you can use it without any coding whatsoever. Wix Code provides you with some fantastic tools that allow you to improve your website in a big way and you don’t even need technical know-how to make it happen. For example, you can use the program’s Dynamic Pages and Database Collections to help you with your website.

What are these features?

Database Collections – This lets you handle the content of your website in one location. Information is collected and stored in a database, which can be used anywhere on the website. Every item will have its category and row like you were filling out a spreadsheet.

Dynamic Pages – After you’ve collected the information for your database, you can produce a design style that affixes to every item on that list. This lets you produce an array of new pages without any duplication. The pages have their own URL and content.

With these features, you don’t need coding knowledge to design your website.

You can also develop custom forms such as review sections, application forms, quizzes, etc. without writing any code at all. The information you collect gets put right into your database; usable anywhere on your website

If you are a coder, you understand how powerful Wix Code can be. Since it’s a feature of Wix OS, Wix can handle the pressures that come with putting together the infrastructure and web environments.