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From its inception, Wix has been keen on making internet presence accessible for everybody. This became possible when last year, Wix launched the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence which makes it very simple for one to create a website by just answering three questions.

Now, Wix has launched the Wix Code, a new product which makes it possible for one to create any kind of web application in a quick and easy manner.


Wix Code gives users the chance to create Dynamic Pages, generate databases, and create interactive sessions on their websites using Wix APIs and third party APIs.

The unique thing about Wix Code is that its users do not necessarily need to have much technical knowledge before they can use the product. The Dynamic Pages are easy to use; all the user needs to do is just duplicate the pages they need, copy and paste all the necessary pictures and texts, and choose a suitable template.

Some of the functionalities of the Wix Code include Dynamic pages, which allow users to create single design style, update content and create lots of pages with just a single click. Wix Code then automatically creates each page and enables search engine optimization on them.
The Database Collections creates room for users to collect content and information from their website and store in their new apps.

With Custom Interactions, You can make your web application interactive by creating sections for chats and comments. The product is functional over APIs and JavaScript. It comes with both internal and external APIs that are easy to use, with or without HTML or CSS.

The most exciting feature about this is that the new app is automatically incorporated into the Wix OS, so Wix .performs the maintenance of the web environment and allows the user to create as they desire.
In the world of mobile app creation, this is truly groundbreaking, and will most likely become the trend of the industry very soon.
The Wix Code is currently available only in beta by application, and you can get yours by signing up on their website.