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It is always an excellent experience when we see some of our favorite players juggle the ball or show their amazing talents.
Some even have blogs where they provide tutorials on how to perform some of the amazing skills they show on the pitch. We surely admire everything they do but wouldn’t it be awesome to teach them what we also do.



Given this, Man City and collaborated to bring people closer to their favorite players. The initiative is to allow fans showcase their skills to one of their favorite players. It will be awesome to know whether the players can show the same ingenuity they display on TV while handling what you do best.

If you are a genius at playing the piano, you could end up teaching Sergio Aguero how to play. Or you could show Kevin De Bruyne how to apply shampoo to his dog if you are a dog groomer. Whatever the skill you have, here is an opportunity to showcase it on camera while having fun with your favorite players.

All you need to do to be eligible for this opportunity is to own a website. If you do not have a website, you can easily create one now.

it will be interesting to know the winners and outcome of the contest. This campaign is one of the many initiatives that has been developed as a result of the partnership between and Man city. If you missed out on this competition, you could always look forward to more of these opportunities that will be open in the nearest future.