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Link Neal and Rhett McLaughlin are well-known for their “Good Mythical Morning” show and have worked with to develop a series of digital videos that promote the company. It’s the pair’s first endorsement deal, but’s latest in a series of agreements to extend their reach.

Neal and McLaughlin have developed ads to show fans how they used to build their website, which is running on YouTube as well as Good Mythical Morning. According to Neal and McLaughlin, they love creating things and making them something of their own – something also does.

According to the pair, it made sense for the duo to work with – a website builder that gives people the tools they need to create a website they want. is helping the pair to create a more extensive website that includes a new format and larger framework that will include the YouTubers’ YouTube channels, book, tour, podcast, charity and more.

According to Omer Shai, chief marketing officer, the duo has produced a success story that other entrepreneurs can look to for guidance. He said they’ve managed to turn their passion into something entertaining – something the company hopes all their users will be able to do.