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Remember our post about creating a logo for your business? Well, one website builder has just made a move in that field.
Wix has introduced a Logo Maker tool that makes it possible for small businesses to create a logo for free, hence boosting their marketing activities.
As tons of small businesses depend on Wix, the new Logo Maker will enable clients to design logos that match their brand. The beauty of the Wix Logo Maker is that you can customize your new logo for display across various platforms.
According to Wix, the new Logo Maker gives you all the tools required to create a logo. It also comes with a guide for helping you choose the colors you want, fonts, and information on the industry’s best practices.

Startups and small businesses just venturing into business should put as much effort into the creation of their logos as big established enterprises do. Corporations invest immense resources into the creation of the ideal logo because the right logo communicates subliminally with potential customers wherever it’s displayed.
If your logo can grab the attention of potential clients, then those clients will most likely be interested in knowing the company or organization behind the logo.
To create a logo using the new Logo Maker by Wix, you will first need to answer a few questions about your business and the industry about your industry. You will also be asked to supply the adjectives that you feel aptly expresses the feelings you would like your logo to communicate.
According to Taira Sabo, Wix’s Community and Social Media Manager, the new Logo Maker uses a powerful algorithm that processes your answers to generate variations of possible logo designs for your business automatically. All you have to do is to select your favorite design and then start customizing it.
Among features, you can customize include icons, colors, and fonts. You will also be able to modify the logo based on the platforms where it will be displayed. You can customize your new logo for optimal display on digital platforms such as your website and social media networks; or for use with offline outputs such as banners and business cards.
Sabo advises that a logo should be versatile, simple, timeless and appropriate for the brand it represents.
The beauty of it all is the fact that the new Logo Maker is absolutely free to those with a Wix account.