Select Page is hosting an array of free workshops and meetings to assist those who want to learn how to create a website.
These free Wix workshops and meetups include live demos that will give new users an opportunity to see how the process works. Users will be taken through the entire website building process – choosing a template, customization of design elements and publishing the site on the Internet.

Wix brand Ambassador and founder Maresa Friedman said Wix’s popularity stems from the fact that it’s user-friendly. She said the website is taking things higher by offering to do free meetups and workshops, ensuring that all online users can bring out their inner web designer and feel confident in their creation.
Friedman said the free workshops and meetups give people a glimpse into how easy designing a website can be. She said all anybody needs is something they want to promote and access to the Internet.

Interested in a free workshop or meetup? visit to learn more.