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When it comes time for creating a website for your business, often we don’t know where to start. These days, there are plenty of options but among the most popular are Wix and Squarespace. Here’s a brief guide to creating the most effective site for your business, if you’re choosing between these two, intuitive website builder services:


The bread and butter of building a website lies within the available features of the different builder options. This includes aspects like design templates, capacity for mobile optimization and other, auxiliary tools that can make or break the process of creating your company’s site.

Formatting and Templates

As far as formatting is concerned, each site has its specific advantages and drawbacks. With Wix, and this is the beginning of a trend here, you get options across the board.

Wix offers over 500 template options to build your own website, giving you ample room to innovate and create a site that is unique to your business. Additionally, Wix has an intuitive drag and drop design platform, so that while you get to work, you won’t feel lost easily and building your site will be a snap.

Squarespace, on the other hand, offers fewer template options. They are well-designed, but designers may feel handcuffed by the lack of variety.

Mobile Optimization

If you’re looking for easy mobile optimization when creating a website, Squarespace is probably for you. With this website builder, mobile optimization almost feels like an afterthought; everything that you format on your desktop site will automatically re-format when viewed from a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet.

On the other hand, Wix offers a level of control that’s unmatched in the market. While Squarespace makes it easy to optimize your site for mobile users, it may almost be too easy. Wix offers control over what features to hide and show on mobile platforms, giving you an additional level of creative authority over your site.

Other Features

Vitally important to the function of your site, the builder you choose must enable you to manage your site’s many functions adequately. This includes things like image and video galleries, website hosting services and the ability to track and target aspects like SEO and analytics important to business operations.

While both builders offer a variety of tools to help your website adapt in your industry, we feel that Wix offers superior options on a platform that is effortlessly simple. It’s one thing to offer your customers extensive options to build and manage their site; it’s another to put all of it on a platform that makes it easy.


Both website builders have excellent support options, albeit in different capacities.

Where customer care is concerned, Wix offers forums, a Support Center function, email and phone during business hours. Squarespace offers the same options, but instead of phone support, has a live chat function available from 3 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday, and it’s also their policy to respond to emails within an hour.

In a vacuum, Squarespace has more comprehensive support, but Wix’s site simply has more help buttons and informational guides located around the site’s design features. The result? Squarespace’s users will likely need more help with the learning curve of learning the site’s platform, but the builder has exhibited the motivation to help quickly. Wix, on the other hand, has more available information for its users to go along with an intuitive platform.


If you’re looking for a free option, only Wix offers a subscription to their service without paying. The only drawback is that with Wix’s free option, you can’t have an unattached domain; your site’s domain has to be within the umbrella and your site will display their adds.

Squarespace allows unlimited bandwidth, but limits the number of website pages in some packages. This means that while you can seem to have freedom to build a site that meets your needs, Squarespace’s limits on your pages can handcuff your ability to build a site that’s adequate for your industry, under a reasonable budget. In this sense, we feel that Wix offers more value at any given price level.

A price comparison boils down to which service offers a more attractive package of available features at each price level. If your bottom line is price, Wix is the unquestioned winner. If you can get over not being able to have your own unique domain, the ads and bandwidth, Wix is very affordable- it’s free.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Each?

In general, both services give you adequate tools to build and manage a website, but which one truly lets your business shine?

First, regarding e-commerce sites, including online stores and shopping websites: Wix is, in our opinion, an infinitely better option. Their platform makes it easy for e-commerce sites to build their store and brand, and unlike Squarespace, Wix won’t take a commission on your transactions.

Wix is also better for the owners of restaurants and hotels, as well as photography businesses; the options of using image galleries and diversity of design is extensive enough on Wix to allow the creator of a site to really create an identity for their business.

Squarespace is better for more limited sites that won’t use an extensive number of pages; blogs, online portfolios and business promotion.

In conclusion, the website builder you use when creating a website boils down to what you value in the process. If your priority is an intuitive creation platform, a free option, or a range of options across the board, then undoubtedly you should get on board with Wix. This is evidenced by the number of free subscribers that grow into paid subscribers per year (the growth rate is a whopping 41%!). At the bottom line, we think Wix gives you more options, and you can truly build a website that stands out.